John Dickenson

The inventor of the Modern Hang Glider in 1963


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Johns Other Inventions



On this page we shall put up some of the other innovations, designs and adaptations that John has come up with during his career.

As a hobby John has played around with hydrofoils and sail boats, and diving flippers. During his working career he has been involved with the measurement of flowing liquids, and even the measurement of coal on moving elevators.

His Megaspark ignition system works very well but was plagued by a faulty batch of electronic components that set him back at the beginning of the project.

Over the next months explanations and details of all of these items will be compiled and placed on the site. Certainly John has been involved in many such projects, his eye for the simple solution has not only been applied to the hang glider.


Out Rigger


Hydro Foil


Liquid Flow Measuring Equipment


The Megaspark


Flow Measuring Equipment




John and Justice Kirby


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